Wedding Extras 

December 3, 2006

For the first time, will sponsor the annual Valentine's Day wedding event at the Empire State Building. Each year, 14 couples are selected to tie the knot on the most romantic day of the year at the city's tallest building. This February, the couples will get an extra bonus, Brides will hire stylist to primp the future spouses and decorate the makeshift "wedding chapel". After the nuptials, each pair will enjoy a champagne toast and receive a gift bag worth $500.


October 23, 2006

Working Playground, in association with Moxie Pictures and Gran Centenario Tequila, presents a 24 Hour Company Production of THE 6TH ANNUAL 24 HOUR PLAYS ON BROADWAY on Monday, October 23rd at the American Airlines Theatre. This year's company members include actors Jennifer Aniston ("Friends"), Elizabeth Berkley (Hurlyburly), Erika Christensen ("Six Degrees," Traffic), Kieran Culkin (Igby Goes Down), David Cross ("Arrested Development"), Rachel Dratch ("Saturday Night Live"), Michael Ealy (Sleeper Cell), John Hawkes (Me You and Everyone We Know), Gaby Hoffman (Suburbia), Matthew Lillard (Scream), Julianna Margulies (Feston, "ER"), Anna Paquin (The Squid and the Whale, The Piano), Rosie Perez (Chair of Working Playground Artistic Board), Sam Rockwell (Matchstick Men), Amy Ryan (A... BestCredit Cards for College kids 

August 1, 2006 By By David Ellis 

NEW YORK ( -- Laptop, iPod, a messenger bag and yes, a credit card - all the staples of modern college life. Nowadays, owning a piece of plastic has become as much as part of the college experience as griping about the dorm food. In fact, over three-quarters of all college kids have a credit card, according to a recent study published by the student loan firm Nellie Mae. Credit Card Rates Find the best credit card for you among thousands of issuing banks. Select a card type from the pulldown menu and click on the arrow to begin. Select a card type Standard Gold Platinum But while many college students are tempted to sign up with the first offer that comes their way, parents and students should know their son or daughter is entitled to some pretty sweet deals even if they...

Citi “mtvU” Card Is the Most Innovative Student Card to Launch in the Past 18 Months 

February 8, 2006

In addition to being just the third student card to be linked to an issuer's flagship rewards program (ThankYou Network) this card is particularly noteworthy for enabling cardholders to earn points by being diligent in their finances (e.g., points for making payments on time) and in their studies (students can earn up to 2,000 points per semester based on cumulative GPA). It is the only card that effectively links financial responsibility with a financial reward - a concept that few credit education centers can better convey. The only drawback to the card is its reliance on the MTV brand name - the only MTV-related benefit listed is a discount at the MTV Store. While a different name for the card, or perhaps more MTV-based benefits would seem appropriate, this card is one of the few...

Fund Auction: Fido’s McCartney Ad Soft Sell 

September 9, 2005

Fidelity Investment's television advertisement featuring ex-Beatle Paul McCartney is taking a soft sell approach, according to some. Fidelity unveiled the commercial this week during the New England Patriots and the Oakland Raiders football game. The advertisement featured a photo montage of his life with the tag line, "The key is, never stop doing what you love." The television ad will certainly bring Fidelity attention, but it is unclear whether it will generate new business," said Howard Schneider, president of Practical Perspectives. "There was no clear benefit to me as a consumer as to why I should call Fidelity about what they are offering. The call to action was, 'call us,' but it was not prominent as to how you call them. I was surprised at how soft the ad was," he...

IEG Sponsorship Report: What it Takes To Hire A Sponsorship Sales Agency

August 15, 2005

Outsourcing sponsorship sales to an agency with experience, expertise and contracts holds obvious appeal for properties that have little or none of the above. The good news for those properties is that the number of firms set up to represent sponsorship opportunities continues to grow, as is reflected by the sample list compiled by IEG SR of sales agencies offering services to non-sports and small-to-mid-sized properties. But the number of properties seeking assistance also may be on the rise. Arts & Communications, an agency that specializes in cultural and entertainment properties, is receiving a growing number of inquiries from properties looking for help with sponsorship sales, as well as with identifying and packaging opportunities, said managing director Ann...

IEG Sponsorship Report: Don’t let price be a limitation

July 4, 2005

Don't let price be a limitation. This issue is one of the major drawbacks to sending unsolicited full proposals, a process that is quickly falling out of favor. As Jim Erlick, founder of The Erlick Group, an agency that brokers deals for entertainment properties and venues, put it: "If you send out a proposal with a specific price, half the time your price will be too high and half the time it will be too low." A more effective alternative to pre-packaged proposals is to involve the sponsor in the creation of the sponsorship program. If a meeting cannot be scheduled without putting something in writing, the initial materials should be short and concise, with just enough information to demonstrate your knowledge of the sponsor's objectives. Erlick used this approach when he sold...

Jim Erlick talks to Deerfield Academy

June 8, 2005

"I am married with two girls ages eight and ten and a half, living in Larchmont, NY," reports Jim Erlick. "After 14 years in corporate marketing positions at General Foods, Seagram Wine Company, and American Express, I founded The Erlick Group in 1992 ( Our NY-based entertainment sponsorship agency conceives/brokers customized strategic partnerships on a local, regional and national basis with leading properties in theatre, film, music and venues."

Entertainment Marketing Letter – Opportunities Alert

January 15, 2005

Broadway Production Offers Product Placement. A Broadway production of the 1992 MGM film The Mambo Kings is looking for promotional and sponsorship partners interested in appropriate on-stage product placement and in-theater promotions. The Mambo Kings is being produced by Daryl Roth (Proof, Wit) and Jordan Roth (Rocky Horror Picture Show) and directed by Arnie Glimcher, who directed the original film. The show debuts in San Francisco in May or June 2005 before heading to New York City for previews in July and a planned August 8 opening. The production will be marketed to the traditional Broadway theater-goer, as well as the largely untapped Hispanic market, via Serrino Coyne and its sister company, Dieste Harmel & Partners. The cast is still being lined up, but is expected to...

Entertainment Marketing Letter: Opportunities Alert

January 4, 2005

To have your project or property featured in Opportunities Alert, e-mail Susan Nunziata at or call 212-941-1633, x26. Submissions are edited for space and darity and must include an entertainment component. Big Apple Fest Expands Sponsorship Options. Big Apple Fest - a fundraising effort that places artist - designed apple sculptures at prominent New York City locations - is expanding in '05, with plans for a concert series, a family fun fest, and a film series. The event, which will run from Labor Day through October 31, 2005, is a fundraiser for City Harvest and the Police Athletic League. After the event, the apples are auctioned off, with a portion of proceeds donated to the charities. Organizer Big Apple Events - a non-profit corporation - and...