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What our clients say


David Sanborn
"I have had the pleasure of working with The Erlick Group for the past year. Jim has successfully conceived and executed a series of innovative programs for me including private concerts at The Core Club in NYC as well as for the first time ever at my townhouse in addition to valued partnerships with a leading NYC men's clothing boutique and CA-based art gallery. He is very creative and a straight shooter, too, while always looking out for me in non-traditional ways to complement my business team. I look forward to more valued connections over the years."
Jazz Musician
John Leguizamo
"I have really enjoyed working with Jim for the past several years. He conceived creative partnerships with Citibank, Best Buy and Fania Records for "Ghetto Klown", my solo show on Broadway. Jim also helped me create partnerships with NYC's leading private membership club, a Soho men's boutique and a private engagement, too. He's great at what he does, and has proven an invaluable addition to my business."
John Leguizamo
Samantha Michelle
"It has been such a pleasure working with Jim over the last year or so. He is an absolute joy to work with - an innovative imaginator, always on top of it, ever kind, compassionate, respectful, always understanding and supportive. He's facilitated opportunities across NYC and beyond with clients and venues of all sorts. He's incredibly responsive, always available and I know I'm in superb hands. It's been a great adventure cooking up some magic, building long lasting partnerships and creating awesome experiences together. It's been a fantastic journey so far, and I can't wait to see what comes through next. Truly, I can't sing the fellas praises highly enough!"
Samantha Michelle


Al Hirschfeld Foundation
"The nonprofit Al Hirschfeld Foundation has found working with Jim Erlick easier than finding NINAS in Hirschfeld drawings. He is fount of great ideas and opportunities and his attention to detail, dedication, and his ability to connect the Foundation with a variety of partners has proved to be very rewarding for us in terms of both revenue and brand awareness. He has created great opportunities for us and is a pleasure to worth with.”
David Leopold
Creative Director
Peter Max
"In the 18 years I've been associated with world renowned artist Peter Max, no single individual has more clearly understood the value of the Max brand and brought more great opportunities to our table. Jim Erlick is a "force majeure". With extraordinary creative skills Jim is a volcano of ideas. The combination of his skill and integrity, matched with years of experience and the respect of countless professionals, gives Jim what it takes to move mountains in search of great opportunities. Jim Erlick is in a class by himself."
Gene Luntz
Business Manager, Via Max Inc
Charles Fazzino
"In this world, there are the "idea-guys" and there are the "go-to guys." Jim Erlick is that unique and very special blend of both worlds. He brings a wonderful, out-of-the-box thought process to the table that broadens everyone's horizons, and a unique ability to broker the necessary deals to get things done. He's a voice of reason, a beacon of integrity, and a true team player. I'm looking forward to working with him for many years to come."
Julie Maner
Director of Business Affairs, Museum Editions, Ltd.
Salvador Dali Gallery Inc.
"If there was a "Hall of Fame" for sponsorship consulting firms, you would be instantly inducted. You would bypass any nominating committee."
Bruce Hochman OS
Gallery Director, Salvador Dali Gallery Inc.
21st Editions
"I met Jim through my book on and association with Graham Nash, and I'm glad I did. Jim is responsive and timely and has delivered what he has promised in a consistent fashion. His follow-up is exemplary and his contact list is second to none. Together, we have worked toward matching high-level brands with our own for strategic alliances. Jim's creative mind and "the clock doesn't stop on Friday" mentality is consistent with the philosophy upon which we have built our success. Above all, Jim Erlick brings to the table in abundance the most critical of assets, which is integrity."
Steven Albahari
Publisher, 21st Editions / Legacy Edition


Broadway Cares
"Jim’s boundless creativity and resourcefulness continue to astonish me. The ideas he has presented and partnerships he has brokered have made a significant difference for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS for several years. But it’s not just “rinse and repeat” for Jim. Seeing how he has adapted and pivoted during the pandemic has been impressive and game-changing during this complicated, difficult time."
Danny Whitman
Director of Development
24 Hour Plays
I have known Jim for many years. He has always been an innovative and strategic marketer. In our latest collaboration, he introduced me to the unique 24 Hour Plays initiative. Despite a very short leadtime, Gran Centenario Tequila was intelligently and prominently integrated into the one nite fundraiser. The brand was cleverly written into several scripts and also enjoyed significant media coverage touting our sponsorship in high profile communications like,, Daily News, and I look forward to Jim's next recommendation as I know it will be brand-appropriate, impeccably executed, and that his involvement and commitment will be unmatched.
Juli Falkoff
Marketing Executive Skyy Spirits
Live Broadway
"Jim Erlick is super-personable, trustworthy, and listens to the key issues that enable two parties to come together where each feels the partnership is a win-win. Further, Jim adds innovative thinking every step of each project and works very hard to manage everyone's expectations to ensure that all parties are completely pleased with the end result."
Meg Brossy
Director Marketing & New Business
Really Useful Group
"Jim is one of the few people that manages to blend the creative and commercial view on sponsorship for theatre. Because of inherent difficulties of selling to the corporate world an unproven theatrical product that may play for nine days or nine years, the mechanics of gaining successful theatre sponsorship still remains a closely guarded secret. Jim has proven successful in unlocking that secret. Jim has proved that by seeking, then finding, an effective sponsor/client partnership you can create a win/win situation."
Robert Butters
VP Finance
Theatre World Awards, Inc.
"Theatre World Awards had the good fortune of being introduced to Jim thanks to one of our Board Advisors. He was a straight shooter from the outset and able to deliver, as promised, our first major corporate sponsor in 70 years in very short order. He recently attended our Annual Awards Show, and we are both confident he will be successful in bringing on additional ones in the future now that he has experienced our unique and elegant show."
Dale Badway
President, Theatre World Awards, Inc.
GFour Productions
"On behalf of GFour Productions we would like to thank The Erlick Group for the recent Sponsorship deal you were able to close for us. It is a pleasure working with Jim and his company. Your perseverance and professionalism is greatly appreciated and respected. We have enjoyed the process and we look forward to many more deals in the future!"
Kenneth Greenblatt
Chairman of the Board


Moscow Ballet
"I contacted Jim since I had heard about his excellent reputation in the entertainment sponsorship arena for some time. True to form, he was able to deliver a fantastic national sponsorship for our Moscow Ballet with Saturn on an accelerated basis. Though our distinctive property had been successfully touring the country for many years, we had never been able to secure a partnership of the calibre or size of Saturn until The Erlick Group was brought on board. His newsletter is thoughtfully laid out and obviously well read by many key decision makers. In addition, he regularly approaches me with other interesting partnership opportunities that are always strategically grounded."
Akiva Talmi
Owner Moscow Ballet
Nolcha Fashion Week
"Jim thanks for your invaluable guidance and support in helping us securing sponsors for Nolcha Fashion Week New York this September 2010. Despite a very short leadtime (which you clearly acknowledged upfront), you secured a wonderful sponsor for us. Moreover, thank you for being so involved in the entire process demonstrating both creativity and objectivity which assured a terrific initial experience for both parties. Nolcha Fashion Week New York looks forward to continued success with The Erlick Group as our seasoned partnership ally."
Arthur Mandel
President, Nolcha Fashion Week
Menopause the Musical
"I have had the real pleasure of working closely with Jim over the past year on multiple partnerships he has successfully brought to our "Menopause the Musical" tour. His rolodex is amazing as is his innate creativity and collegial ability to help facilitate real "win/win" partnerships. Clients instantly trust his seasoned instincts and candor which is invaluable in initially developing customized programs as well as renewals."
Yasmine Ballaster
Business Development Director TOC Productions
Un-Scene Tour
"We originally found The Erlick Group online. After meeting on a business trip to NYC, it was clear that Jim Erlick is a seasoned professional and refreshingly candid as well. Though our program is clearly smaller in scope than his traditional assignment (which we discussed upfront), he was extremely proactive, always accessible and ultimately very successful in identifying/negotiating our first presenting sponsor. I look forward to renewing our partnership so that he can help develop additional customized partnerships for 2009."
Julie May
Founder, Un-Scene Tour
Red, White & Blue Concert
The evening was fantastic! Someone mentioned to me that it was a truly "magical night." Thank you for bringing this concept to Amex. One of our major goals of "Cincinnati Jumpstart" was to increase Amex' market presence. We certainly accomplished that goal through the RW&B concert, honoree and award as the platform in which to provide a Cardmember event, engage merchants and support an important cause. I was very pleased with the media surrounding the moving parts, too. Thank you again for your strong support, direction and guidance."
Marty Welch
Director Establishment Services, American Express
Red, White & Blue Concert
"Jim Erlick is a consummate professional whom I've had the pleasure of working with over the years. Since his corporate contacts are always at the highest levels, he gets results quickly and efficiently, for the benefit of all parties. Jim has great instincts when it comes to anticipating client needs, and is known throughout the industry as a person of integrity. In addition to being a seasoned business executive, he is also a highly creative person who enjoys guiding projects from concept through to completion. These are just a few of the reasons we always recommend The Erlick Group to people who value results."
David Clark
Founder / CEO EPOP International
National Concert Tour
"From concept to detail to talking with the principals including Buick, Conde Nast, Roberta Flack and Judy Collins, Jim handled a national concert tour with a major charity tie-in and left no stone unturned."
Ed Yoe
Chairman & CEO Artist Services Inc.

Membership Organizations

Core Club
"Jim and I have worked closely together for the past few years during obviously very challenging times. He has been invaluable in consistently providing very well received, "priceless" entertainment/cultural experiences to our discerning Core Club membership. In addition, he has been very creative in structuring important strategic alliances that elegantly monetize our high profile audience in addition to providing wonderful "added value." He has an outstanding rolodex of longstanding personal connections and is very adept at conceptualizing and executing win/win partnerships. We look forward to many more years of successful collaborations."
Jennie Enterprise
Founder & Chairman, Core Club (NYC)
"Jim Erlick has introduced me to a number of excellent event and strategic alliances during the past two years. The “secret sauce” to our event planning to to produce experiences that “money can’t buy” and to gain access to once in a lifetime sources. Jim checks all the boxes on this. He’s created a private jam session in David Sanborn’s home, a specially created art project with Charles Fazzino, a private spa experience at Dangene, supplied up close and personal tickets to Tony Bennett’s bday bash and provided access to a number of 7 series BMW’s for an extended test drive to Montauk and back. Every connection he has made with his contacts have led to fully professional and turnkey events."
Danielle T. Seltzer
Executive Director


BAFTA East Coast
"BAFTA East Coast hired The Erlick Group, our first outside sponsorship agency, to hopefully broker high profile partnerships to leverage our film screenings and events. Jim was refreshingly candid upfront re the real opportunities and challenges we faced as a voluntary membership organization. He happily delivered a wonderfullliance with Beefeater Gin, a perfectly positioned partner, based on hisongstanding personal relationships as well as a thoroughly professional approach in working through the details."
Christina Thomas
Chief Executive
"I have worked with Jim Erlick for two years and consistently find him to be responsive, dedicated, personable and knowledgable. He was able to introduce our festival to several new brands that were great fits all-around. He has a solid reputation among his clients that is well-earned and is always an absolute pleasure to deal with."
Raphaela Neihausen
Executive Director
NY Film Critics
"We unsuccessfully tried for many months to secure an inaugural sponsor for our acclaimed NY Film Critics national series. Happily, I was connected to Jim Erick via a mutual longstanding friend. From the outset, he was extremely well informed, direct and results-focused. As predicted, he delivered our first national sponsor, and we are optimistic more will come in this presumably long-term association with The Erlick Group. Finally, he is a pleasure to work with on an interpersonal basis."
Mark Ehrenkranz

Consumer Products

"I have had the pleasure of working with Jim for the past 2 years. He was recommended to me based on his multiple successful, customized Coca-Cola-Broadway customer and consumer-specific collaborations he previously brokered with my regional marketing and sales colleagues. Jim and I have collaborated on two well-received month-long programs with "ANNIE" and Disney's "NEWSIES" respectively. Both programs included a great cause-related element with the Boys & Girls Clubs as well as the traditional retail components. Jim is very well informed of the Broadway industry and is always totally transparent throughout the process to assure all parties' expectations are managed and regularly exceeded. We look forward to other partnerships going forward."
Madison Bedard
Director, Community Marketing Coca-Cola Refreshments
Skin Care Lornamead, Inc.
"As marketing director on LypSyl Lip Balm, I am often challenged with finding new and interesting sampling/branding opportunities. Jim has shown a terrific ability to present distinctive entertainment programs that are perfectly targeted and surprisingly cost-effective. Moreover, he stays very involved in the negotiations and execution assuring complete client satisfaction regardless of the size of the program. I look forward to collaborating with Jim in the future with LypSyl and other portfolio skin care brands upon our shared success to date."
Deidre Williams
Director Marketing
Halleck Vineyard
"I’ve had the honor of working with Jim over the past year and could not be more pleased or impressed with his abilities. He has an immediate “get it” factor that is rare across such a broad range of businesses he represents. He places high value on personal relationships, a key to his successes. It’s not about the numbers, which is refreshing in its simple authenticity. If the partnerships are right, the numbers will follow. His approach is direct, immediate, and creative. Ideas flow like water as he approaches each opportunity. I’m grateful for his support and friendship. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough."
Ross Halleck
Casa de Campo logo
Case de Campo
"The Erlick Group has been instrumental in helping us elevate our brand partnerships and collaboration with like-minded partners in a variety of affluent demographics. Their diverse reach is without question, a testament to their professional reputation and integrity as a company in bringing value, authenticity, strategic partnerships, and new revenues streams to our company."


Mylan WTT
WTT has had the pleasure of working with Jim for the past few years. He was instrumental in bringing us a key national sponsor, who has since renewed twice, as well as a local sponsor for our Philadelphia team. Jim is very creative, easy to work with and has a terrific network of contacts who are receptive to his exploratory ideas. He is also skilled at managing expectations on both sides throughout the process."
Ilana Kloss
CEO Commissioner
Empire State Building
"The Empire State Building has been promoting its Valentine's Day Wedding Event for 19 years. This year we retained The Erlick Group to elevate the program, raise its profile and secure select partners to make the event even more special for our 14 couples. Despite very tight leadtimes, Jim Erlick was able to secure an expansive array of appropriate partners including, Gran Centenario Tequila, BB King Club, Magic Limousine and Sofitel Hotel. His imagination, energy and sense of urgency in addition to his natural ability to balance the interests of all involved parties were vital to this event's expansion. We look forward to working together again for next year's event with a more appropriate leadtime."
Lydia Ruth
Director Events/Public Relations
BB King Blues Club and Grill
"We retained Jim shortly after opening our new music club in Times Square in Summer 2000. His creativity, contacts and perseverance have been invaluable in conceiving/implementing programs with credit card, airline, shopping mall and hotel partners. He has also been instrumental in referring important groups, like the Promotion Marketing Association, to hold events at our club to create additional awareness/buzz."
Steve Bensusan
Fire Island Pines
"We retained The Erlick Group last summer after they were recommended via a mutual friend. Jim has been the consummate professional throughout the process. They designed a sponsorship presentation that elegantly reflected our distinctive brand sensibility. He was able to quickly deliver a partnership with a leading cruise line that covered our upfront investment. Though the engagement was for a very short period recognizing our defined seasonality, The Erlick Group has continued to actively prospect on our behalf for many months , as he clearly committed at the outset, and we are currently firming up several other perfectly targeted relationships. I am confident we will have a long lasting win/win partnership."
Seth Weissman
Stand Up NY
"Jim has been a critical piece to the growth of our comedy club Stand Up NY and comedy membership platform LaughPass. Almost weekly he is bringing a new partnership to the table whether it be a venue in the tri-state area where we can produce a pop up show or a sponsor. Jim is on top of his game 24/7 and super creative and resourceful. He keeps me on my toes (in a good way) with constant deal flow - sometimes it's hard to keep up! Love working with Jim and so grateful we've crossed paths. Such a pleasure to work with".
Dani Zoldan

Biz Dev

"Jim Erlick is one of the most professional, hard-working, and well-connected people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. His attention to detail, follow-through, and focus are what makes him a leader in his field. I highly recommend working with The Erlick Group as it's one of the best decisions I have ever made. Throughout my 25 year career of starting and investing in companies, I have worked with dozens of management teams and Jim is on the top of that list. On a personal note, Jim is honest, has exceptional values and I'm lucky to call him a friend."
Shawn M. Landgraf
Founder and CEO
Pet Acoustics Inc.
"Jim Erlick's masterful sponsorship consulting has been a quantum leap for Pet Acoustics Inc. In our first year, Jim's knowledge and refined focus has brought our collaboration with Purina Friskies, a huge leap for our innovative products. Pet Acoustics is sure that with Jim Erlick's winning approach and first class personal style we will have many more years of continued success."
Janet Marlow
"Jim Erlick has been a valued business partner the past 5 years. After joining an internet research company called Intelliseek (formerly PlanetFeedback) at the start of the dot com decline, I retained Jim's services to assist with forging new relationships across key industries. Selling an unproven product in an emerging area was a formidable task. Jim was instrumental in opening doors at various levels (C-Level, Marketing, Research, Online, Customer Service) with Fortune 500 co's. As a direct result of Jim's creativity, tenacity and solid rolodex, multi-year partnerships have been developed with Bank of America, HP, BMW, Masterfoods, VH-1, American Express and several others. We truly consider Jim a unique extension our sales team and highly recommend"
Brian Schlessinger
VP, Business Development
OOH Vision Networks
I recently had the pleasure of working again with Jim on my exciting out-of-home start-up, OOH Vision Networks. We had worked together many years ago when I was at Moviefone (777-FILM), and Jim was instrumental in securing large partnerships with American Express and Samsung, among other non-studio clients. He proved to me again with OOH Vision Networks that he is a no nonsense, creative matchmaker. In addition, Jim's credibility and longstanding relationships with senior management/decision makers in an expansive array of industries has been extremely valuable to us. Accordingly, he is able to conceive and close deals with CBS and American Express within extremely aggressive timelines. In addition, he is a pleasure to work with due to his personality"
Morten Gotterup
First Hand Tickets
"I had the great pleasure of meeting Jim Erlick several years ago at the Core Club. Since then, he's been a tremendous asset for the growth of our business, First Hand Tickets. He's always thinking of ways to help us from the many personal friends he's introduced to us, to corporations like Saks 5th Ave, to most recently our partnership with Chelsea Piers, he's a tremendous asset and a true friend and partner to have."
Warren Schreiber
Idine Restaurant Group
"I have had the pleasure of working with Jim on several strategic initiatives over the years as we periodically look to expand the Idine (aka Transmedia) membership utility beyond the restaurant category. His conceptual abilities are very strong. In addition, he has terrific relationships with senior management across an expansive array of categories (ie entertainment, car rental and hotels) which allows customized partnerships to quickly materialize."
Elliot Merberg
SVP, Idine Restaurant Group
Critical Digital Data Solution
"Jim Erlick is an excellent business development consultant who lives up to his impeccable reputation. He has an incredible rolodex of C-level executives who promptly take his calls with interest and intrigue in what he has to say. As a software company that was bringing a new product to the market, Jim had the strategic vision and entrepreneurial spirit that enabled us to obtain excellent exposure in his sphere of relevant business prospects and generate significant revenues for our company."
Dina Moskowitz
CEO and Co-founder
solitude headphones
Solitude Headphones
We have been working with Jim for several years and it has been a pleasure! His integrity, professionalism and attentiveness to our needs has been amazing. His efforts have helped us grow our business many times over. Innovative thinking and constant networking on our behalf are just a couple of the benefits of working with Jim. He is a class act and we look forward to our continued partnership!
Tim & Cass Reicher


"The past 8 years Jim has successfully conceived/brokered four innovative marketing partnerships for HBO including Snapple and our Bryant Park Film Festival, Sam Goody/Musicland with our original movie, "The Late Shift," 800 Flowers with our national subscriber drtv/direct mail acquisition program and Cointreau and Sex and the City. He is always resourceful, efficient, strategic in his approach and, most importantly, completely honorable in managing both parties' expectations throughout the process."
Eric Kessler
President Marketing / Sales HBO
I have known Jim for over 20 years. As a consultant, he was instrumental in conceiving and brokering co-brand credit card programs for both Golf Digest and MTV. His professionalism, candor, creativity, persistence and longstanding personal relationships were invaluable. I can't recommend him strongly enough!
Peter Griffin
SVP Ad Sales MTV
The New Yorker
"Staging large arts Festivals, and getting sponsors for them, was an untested concept here at The New Yorker in 1999. Jim's expertise was invaluable in helping us package and present our first New Yorker Literary & Arts Festival. Acting as our consultant, he educated us on the market, and how to develop a distinctive presentation that clearly dimensionalized the program's assets."
David Carey
VP Publisher
The New Yorker
"We want to express our sincere appreciation for your key role in partnering The New Yorker with Festival Productions. It was a pleasure working with a savvy pro such as yourself. You were the ointment that got the first revolutions of those wheels in motion."
Angela Gaudioso
Special Editions Editor

Financial Services

"For many months, Jim Erlick has been working to consummate a co-brand deal between mtvU (Viacom). I have worked with Jim very closely this last year and seen him in action. What he brought to the table was the following: 1) voice of reason; 2) relevant third parties; and 3) relentless focus on getting the best deal done for the customers and the two parties. Even though Jim was hired by Viacom, I always felt that I could trust him explicitly to be fair and honorable towards all parties. His role included being mediator, out-of-the-box thinker, and catalyst. His involvement did not stop with signing the contract - he continued his efforts to get the best partners lined up in order to provide optimal user experience for our customers."
Amer Sajed
Marketing Executive
"Jim has been an invaluable resource to Citi's entertainment access program helping us forge relationships with several high profile properties. Jim has a deep network of industry contacts and is exceptional at not only conceptualizing new marketing programs but also consulting throughout the program's life cycle to ensure success. We look forward to continuing to work with him."
David Kovach
SVP, Citi Entertainment Marketing
MasterCard International
"Jim Erlick has been a pleasure to work with in brokering co-brand and affinity deals between the entertainment and financial industries and MasterCard. He is personable and professional and possesses up to date knowledge of the industries with which he is involved. He is focused on win-win solutions and effectively balances the interests and needs of all parties."
Beth Adams
Vice President, North America
"With his vast experience and knowledge of the Broadway industry, Jim has been a very valuable resource and adviser to VISA, particularly since we are a new corporate player in the realm of Broadway entertainment. Jim's specific knowledge of the payment card industry has also positioned him to provide a unique and informed perspective for VISA's purposes, which we have found to be extremely helpful."
Jennifer Hemmer
Director Event and Sponsorships
American Express
"The evening was fantastic! Someone mentioned to me that it was a truly "magical night." Thank you for bringing this concept to Amex. One of our major goals of "Cincinnati Jumpstart" was to increase Amex' market presence. We certainly accomplished that goal through the RW&B concert, honoree and award as the platform in which to provide a Cardmember event, engage merchants and support an important cause. I was very pleased with the media surrounding the moving parts, too. Thank you again for your strong support, direction and guidance."
Marty Welch
Director Establishment Services
Kessler Financial Services
"I have had the pleasure of working closely with Jim Erlick for the past eight years. He has been a very credible, effective and trustworthy source to establish Affinity credit card relationships, especially in the entertainment category. Jim's professionalism and seasoned experience are two reasons why he has been such a valued partner to our organization."
Barry Rosen
First Vice President
First USA Partners
"Jim has a unique skill set in working with clients. He has a clear understanding of how big brands can use the awareness building and loyalty marketing that a co-branded financial payment vehicle can deliver. He negotiates fair deals for his clients and creates compelling value propositions for consumers."
Steve Apesos
SVP Corporate Partnerships
First USA Partners
"Jim Erlick has been instrumental in helping First USA Partners uncover unique partnership opportunities across a number of categories including entertainment, affinity programs, and consumer value-added propositions. His experience and industry contacts are fantastic."
Sean Collins
SVP Partnership Programs
NASDAQ Affinity Marketing
"I have worked with Jim Erlick for over 6 years. Jim is a terrific consultant who gets results. He always looks out for his clients to try to exceed expectations and increase financial returns. Jim really adds value to all projects he undertakes. He has done a fine job helping develop and bring new credit card products to market."
Richard Bachman
Senior Vice President
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