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Curating elegant and distinctive partnerships

Decades of Tradition

For three decades, The Erlick Group has represented elegant and distinctive (both established and new) local, regional and national properties in theatre, film, music, family, venues, culinary, wine and high-net-worth private membership clubs. We successfully pivoted from live to digital in 2020, which will invariably be an ongoing platform option even in the post-pandemic world. Our customized programs include Broadway and TV stars, chefs and wine tastings with paired foods.

Building Partnerships

We curate cost-effective, customized programs that allow sponsors to fully leverage the brand equity and consumer/community touchpoints to generate awareness, trial, goodwill and measurable ROI metrics.

Marketing Products

As a boutique agency we are able to effectively work with larger promotion, media, advertising and PR agencies on behalf of their AOR prospects as well as work directly with clients.

Brokering Relationships

We work with longstanding senior-level contacts across all industries and product categories to quickly generate sincere interest in order to fashion unique activations and negotiate win/win partnerships.

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