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Astreea® Activations

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Why the Astreea Plus Program

Top Rated Sanitizer Gel

  • Cost up to 40% less than the competition
  • Manufactured in an FDA Registered facility
  • Drives compliance with a great texture and scent.

Hands-free, stainless-steel dispensers

  • Automates stock monitoring and replenishment
  • Slashes labor and inventory costs
  • Supports and enhances your brand experience
  • So durable it’s backed by a lifetime warranty

Ships Nationwide

  • Units and sanitizer are in stock for quick delivery
  • Experienced in multi-location programs

There are not upfront capital costs!
We’ll give you the Astreea stands free-of-charge with a one-year, low quantity sanitizer subscription. The asset is yours to keep.

Example* starting at 4-2L bottles per month ($120 Value) = 1 dispenser unit at not cost! ($409 Value)

One low monthly price*
& easy online management.

*with 12 month sanitizer subscription

Astreea Safe Gel Sanitizer

We can help you calculate the monthly estimated amount for you organization.

Astreea Pedal Dispenser

Choose from one of our 5 models and the size that fits your organizations unique needs and experience.

Astreea Safe Sanitizer

Designed for heavy duty use during these challenging times. 

Traditional electronic dispensers are fragile and require constant battery and sanitizer pouch changes.

Astreea was engineered to be durable, dependable, and high-capacity. It’s pedal activated and can be refilled with our sanitizer bottles in less than one minute.

Built to last beyond the pandemic.

Developed by a European aerospace manufacturer, Astreea meets the highest engineering and quality standards.

Each dispenser is precision-crafted from medical-grade stainless steel using state-of-the-art laser cutting machines. After assembly and welding, finishing touches are completed by hand.

We’re so confident Astreea will stand the test of time, we back it with a lifetime warranty.

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How it’s made

What makes Astreea so different...

Fully mechanical and pedal operated.

No batteries or maintenance required ever.

Laser-cut-reservoir window provides a convenient way to check sanitizer level.

Proprietary smart sensor available in April 2021 to alert team of levels via mobile LTE.

Incredibly durable and weatherproof.

Ideal for any indoor or outdoor space.

Arrives fully assembled.

Remove it from the box and use the optional bolt points to secure it to the floor.


Optional top-plate signs, along with the body, can be customized for branding, sponsorships and as a messaging or marketing platform. 

A perfect size for every purpose.

We offer a complete line of sanitizer bottles, each designed to fit a particular size stand. You’ll avoid spills and cross-contamination with our fully recyclable bottles.

Customize with accessories

Whether for access, communication or stability, Astreea accessories increase the usage of you dispenser.

Ask about out new drip pan accessory design. 


Top plate replacement. Encloses the dispenser nozzle and shields it from possible damage.

Use with Model L


Top plate replacement. Meets ADA requirements for reach, pressure and one-handed access.

Use with Model S, M, L


Top plate replacement. Metal A5 sized sign holder allows for the display of a decal.

Use with Model S, M, L


Top plate replacement. This combo allows for one-handed ADA operation along with the display of an A5 sized sign.

Use with Model S, M, L

Stand Out From the Crowd

Astreea has been deployed in singular settings, surrounded by club members, first class travelers and yes, even school children! How do we know our system catches the eye? Audi, Google, Bank of America and Delta Airlines have all chosen us. How do we know it’s distinctive? We’re found in New York’s most exclusive business clubs, from sprawling Penn State campus to the hotel lobbies of Hilton, we’re committed to serving the world’s most important stakeholders – yours. 

Customize Astreea with laser etching, powder coats, vinyl signage and custom tops.

Sanitizer stations can be sponsored assets.

Vinyl Logos and Powder Coat Painted Units + Customization cost of $55-$100 USD per unit and add 3 weeks delivery time.

Connect with us

To discuss partnership opportunities, contact:

Jim Erlick | The Erlick Group
Phone (917) 692-3532

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