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Sourced Craft Cocktails

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Custom Cocktail Kits

Sourced Craft Cocktails offers an innovative approach to the beloved tradition of sharing cocktails with friends, family, co-workers, and clients. The cocktail experts at Sourced curate customized cocktail kits, including the finest spirits and fresh ingredients, and deliver them straight to your doorstep, complete with detailed recipes and instructions. They’ve developed an extensive online menu, and they’ve hired local bartenders to craft and deliver their kits, providing meaningful work opportunities during these difficult times. The cocktail kits can even be fully branded to fit your company—the perfect way to surprise and delight your valued employees and clients.

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Consumer & Media Response

Best Marg Ever!!
I don't typically love margaritas and I don't love spicy but let me tell you that this is one of the best cocktails I've ever had. It was so smooth and just the right amougt of spice. Muy bueno!!
Bethany Pickering
April 23, 2020
Amazing Drink
We ordered this cocktail to celebrate another week as parents successfully making it through the week with the kids out of school. The drink was amazing! very smooth, just the right amount of sweet and evenly proportioned. I would highly recommend it to those whiskey lovers out there. Plus the mix stays good for several days so we were able to enjoy them all weekend. Definitely looking forward to my next cocktail order!
May 5, 2020
Delicious Apricot Laced Riff
From Sourced, I recently ordered a cocktail called Evening Standard. What arrived was a full bottle of Sazerac Rye and a smaller bottle of Apricot-Demerara syrup and bitters; making a delicious apricot laced riff on an Old Fashioned that was as simple as mixing the two together in the proportions spelled out by the accompanying instructions.
Best Drink Delivery!
I absolutely loved this drink and the convenience of delivery, I ordered earlier in the day, I received it that evening! it was especially great to have all the ingredients and the jiggers included so all I had to do was follow the recipe and then enjoy. Highly recommend.
March 22, 2020
Be The Boss of the year
Be the boss of the year )ir host to your friends) by throwing a happy hour with Sourced Craft cocktails... Bartenders deliver kits to their attendees homes, and then host a virtual intro to the drink. Individuals in those cities can order batches of cocktails as well. In addition to giving strapped bartenders work, a portion of the proceeds goes to the U.S. Bartenders Guild.

Bartender's Response

Sourced is hiring out of work bartenders to deliver our cocktails to consumers homes – helping them earn a livable wage while their restaurants and bars are shutdown or at limited capacity. 


To discuss partnership opportunities, contact:
Jim Erlick | The Erlick Group
Phone (917) 692-3532

You can also contact Sourced directly, and please mention The Erlick Group as a point of referral.

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