Citi “mtvU” Card Is the Most Innovative Student Card to Launch in the Past 18 Months

Publication: Credit Card Monitor Report

In addition to being just the third student card to be linked to an issuer’s flagship rewards program (ThankYou Network) this card is particularly noteworthy for enabling cardholders to earn points by being diligent in their finances (e.g., points for making payments on time) and in their studies (students can earn up to 2,000 points per semester based on cumulative GPA). It is the only card that effectively links financial responsibility with a financial reward – a concept that few credit education centers can better convey. The only drawback to the card is its reliance on the MTV brand name – the only MTV-related benefit listed is a discount at the MTV Store. While a different name for the card, or perhaps more MTV-based benefits would seem appropriate, this card is one of the few unique product offerings to emerge since our last report.