Jim Erlick, President of his six-year-old, New York based company finds that The Erlick Group strategically fills an important void for consumer products and services marketers. 

His practice represents an impressive portfolio of leading live entertainment properties in theatre, music, all-family shows and venues. This portfolio enables companies to distribute product samples/literature to their specifically targeted demographic segments at rock concerts, Broadway tours, circuses etc. 

These turn-key programs can be implemented nationally or in select local markets planned for a year in advance or at the last minute. Pouring rights and "presenting" sponsorship deals (where you are integrated into the show's print and electronic media) are also possible. 

In addition to being surprisingly affordable, your brands benefit from the " borrowed equity" of tying in with celebrities without paying them a royalty. 

During the past several years, Jim has packaged programs for Snapple, Trojan, Coppertone, American Express, No Nonsense, Samsung, TWA, Taittinger Champagne, Wool Bureau, Bloomingdale's, Buick Riviera, Conde Nast Publications, First USA Bank and ABC TV.