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Spotlight on Sponsorship!, Making Hollywood User Friendly!

Author: By Stephanie Lochmiller 
Publication: SponsorPark’s Blog

As a way to draw increased awareness and attention to some of the standup sponsorship opportunities on our site, we have decided to set apart one blog per month to put the “Spotlight on Sponsorship”! If you have a premium level listing on SponsorPark, and would like to have your event featured, please contact to submit your event. This month our spotlight shines on 

What is all about? is an L.A. based digital showcase for emerging talent, combining a unique web-series called “Janey’s Blog” with a community of writers, actors, performers and comedians formed around the resources and opportunities showbizzle provides. Whether you’re an actor, writer, or a student just thinking about a career in the business, showbizzle was created with you in mind. Members are able to access the community channel on the site where they can embed links to audition tapes and other performances, as well as submit material for online auditions. Members are also able to vote for their favorite submissions and gain experience from veterans in the industry while taking advantage of a network of acting coaches, dialect coaches, photographers and other industry professionals. 

What makes this property unique? was co-created by executive producer and writer Charles Rosin. Rosin was the executive producer for the first five seasons of the original Beverly Hills, 90210. He took his years of industry expertise and partnered with Lindsay Rosin of the Writers Guild of America, to create the concept of Showbizzle and “Making Hollywood User-Friendly.” According to Charles, “Our goal here to create a vibrant community of young actors, writers, comedians, and performers around our showbizzle content where members are encouraged to upload their original videos with the chance to be paid $$ to perform on our digital showcase”. To read more about Rosin and his background check out this recent blog on 

According to Jim Erlick, of The Erlick Group, who manages sponsorship sales for this and other properties on,“Charles and his team have the experience to get this project off the ground for the next generation of Hollywood talent. From a brand standpoint you’re able to get involved from the ground floor, but you’re able to work with seasoned rockstars.” 

Surviving Sponsorship in a Heated Economy 

As is the case with many properties, sponsorship as a whole has seen some ups and downs with the economy. According to Erlick,“SponsorPark is an innovative, strategical, grounded marketplace that brings together buyers and sellers in a huge marketplace. There are plenty of agencies that don’t know who showbizzle is, so this has served as a way to build brand awareness and showcase an array of properties to a wide audience.” 

In addition, has built an extensive social media network, and built their site around these networking tools. Not only do these social media outlets serve as great networking tools, and as a way to add value to potential partnerships, but showbizzle is able to further engage members through their social sites. Showbizzle can be found on FacebookTwitter, and Myspace

Preferred Partners? 

Showbizzle offers a wide range of opportunities for any number of potential sponsors. From spirits to cosmetics, fashion and fragrance, there are many natural brand extension capabilities. With this property being relatively new, brands have the opportunity build a partnership from the ground up. From product placement to the “So Very L.A” section of the site, local and national businesses and brands are able to gain exposure on the site in new and unique ways. 

According to Erlick“I’ve spent years seeking out jewels of properties that have been undiscovered, and showbizzle is just that. They’ve proven and reinvented themselves to help others. They are so flexible and open to creating different partnerships with any brand.” To learn more about showbizzle, visit their website, or check out their complete listing on

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